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Motivating Monday: He Gets My Vitamins Out Every Night

My hubby on our wedding day! Photo courtesy: Shawna Shields @ Narrow Road Productions

I can’t believe it’s Monday again. And May tomorrow! It’s a balmy 83° in DFW today, 85% humidity and windy. Just about ready for some serious pool time!

It’s amazing how high humidity makes the temperature feel so much warmer! I like this because it feels tropical, even on an overcast day like today. I was sweating like crazy on our walk earlier, along with everyone we passed, but Judah fell asleep from the very start and didn’t wake up until I was getting him out of his stroller. This is the second time he’s done this recently, which is interesting because he’s usually too busy checking everything out. He desperately needed that nap and he must have been pretty comfortable. It’s nice for me, as well, because I can walk much longer; after about 3.5 miles in the stroller when he’s awake, he’s ready to jump out and play, but when he’s napping I can get in at least 6 miles.

I’m sure this new stroller has a lot to do with his napping lately during our walks. The shocks make for a way smoother ride than our other one and the quality is so much better; this is a necessity because I’m using it quite often and intend to take Judah on walks for as long as he’ll be content sitting in there! Hopefully he’ll enjoy it a few more years.

Our stroller is a Joovy 360 with the option of either a swivel or fixed wheel, which makes for great maneuverability and stability when using it for different outings and activities. It comes with a basket, a multi-position canopy with a window to see your child while in use, a cupholder for 2 drinks and a zipper compartment that’s perfect for my keys and iPhone. I chose this stroller because it had excellent reviews, a weight capacity of 75 lbs. (a little more than competitors’ weight capacities…my son isn’t even 30 lbs. yet, so I’ve got quite awhile before he outgrows this thing) and it was about half the price of my other favorite, the BOB Revolution, which came highly recommended. I’m glad I saved the money buying the Joovy because it feels just as smooth and durable as the BOB and other more expensive brands. Anyways, I didn’t mean for this to become a commercial for Joovy! I just LOVE this stroller and want people to know who may be in the market for a new one.

On to what’s motivating me this fine Monday afternoon! I’m such a thinker so I really enjoy some quiet time to think. Most often, this happens in the car or on a walk. I was thinking about my husband as I tried to keep my pace up as I walked quickly up the largest hill on my route with the wind gusting against me and I understood something small that is actually pretty huge to me.

For practically our entire marriage, which is about 3.5 years right now, Nathan has gotten out my vitamins every night before dinner and placed them next to my ice water. He does this because he knows I will NEVER remember to take them if he doesn’t and he is concerned about my well-being. When we’re traveling, he packs the vitamins. If we’ve gone out for dinner, he comes home and gets my vitamins out and sets them somewhere I will see. He rarely says, “Here are your vitamins” or “I got your vitamins out for you again”. Most days we never mention it. He doesn’t draw attention to it and I don’t say thank you. It’s just an every day occurrence that has become quite routine. But I got to thinking about this and how thoughtful it really is. I don’t know many husbands that are so in tune with their wives that they recognize such a small detail and make it their job to see that it gets done.

In no way do Nathan and I profess to have a perfect marriage. BUT we have noticed and  others have noticed that we don’t seem to have as much conflict as many other couples  our age seem to have. Everyone warned us: “Oh, your first year of marriage will be SOOO hard!” It wasn’t that hard for us and I don’t know why. But I do understand why this caution is given to newlyweds…everything is so new and two people coming together as one is not an easy feat. It’s not simple for two independent people to suddenly live co-dependently and it takes some major adjusting for all of us to make such a huge life change!

But this realization hit me harder than all that wind in my face this morning: It truly is the little things that make the monumental differences in our marriage. Nathan takes it upon himself to notice very tiny things and act on them. He is always on the lookout for me. And this causes me to be on the lookout for him. If something as simple as him getting my vitamins out for me can cause me to be just as attentive to little things concerning him, I’m telling you there’s something to this. It’s a really good cycle, one I want to continue.

And this doesn’t apply just to marriage. It applies to life, friendships, faith, business, EVERYTHING. The little things DO matter! Sometimes the smallest things make the most significant differences. Try it.

This week I’m making it a priority to notice more about my hubby. He’s priceless.


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