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Motivating Monday: He Mimics Every Move

Mother’s Day 2012

Even on my sassiest days as a teenager, my mom always told me how much she loved me and told me that I’d never understand how much until I had my own kid. Like most everything she ever told me for my entire life long, she was also right about this. Now that I’m a mom to my son, I get it.

My hubby has been driving me crazy this week all excited about my Mother’s Day gift and teasing me because he knows I would just love to open my present early. No. Such. Luck. Until Saturday night! He got us tickets to see Kenny Chesney and Time McGraw in a few weeks at the new Cowboys Stadium!!! I am so excited. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a date night and awhile since we’ve been to a concert. We’re way overdue and Mom has graciously agreed to babysit. Like we had to twist her arm.

I was thinking about my Mother’s Day gift, and then I was snuggling with my son before I put him in bed last night and I just closed my eyes and tried to take it all in for a moment. Although Nathan did an awesome job on my gift this year, the best Mother’s Day gift of my life is just being Judah’s Mommy. He’s so tall now and so independent in most ways, except at night when he just wants to cuddle in my arms as I hold him like a newborn. His legs hang off beyond my elbow and I cradle him like he’s 8 pounds instead of 28 pounds. I kiss his smooshy cheeks a few times, pray with him and sing a little. Sometimes it doesn’t seem possible that he’ll grow up some day and these days will be just a memory.

My mom probably couldn’t imagine what life would be like when I was grown up, either. When I think back on the best memories of my childhood, I realize that most of them involve my mother. She made every birthday, holiday and even regular old days special. She did so much for us and still to this day I don’t think we even know how much she did. I am blessed not only to be a mom but to have a mom worth far more than I could ever say.

I’m also blessed with the two most loving grandmothers ever. I’m so thankful not only for parents who raised me right, but for grandparents who instilled such love and life and strength into them. I’m lucky to have both of my grandmothers still and I hope for many more years to enjoy their stories and all the special things that make them wonderful to me.

The most motivating thing in my life is the knowledge that my little boy is watching everything I do, hearing everything I say and mimicking it all. Nothing’s more encouraging in my life today than to know that nothing goes unnoticed by that little boy sleeping in the next room, so I better make it all count towards the right things. Day after day after day. One day, he’ll be making his own way and I can only pray that he looks back and sees a mother who taught him about what really matters.

I’m blessed beyond words by a faithful God.


One thought on “Motivating Monday: He Mimics Every Move

  1. Oh Shannon, how beautiful….I am so proud of the woman you have become, and now a mother! You are a wonderful mother….I love to watch you interact with him, playing, snuggling, etc., as well as teaching him and disciplining him.
    You have always been a blessing to your family (growing up and now in your own little family)….and someday your little boy will realize that as well….you’re doing everything right darlin….I love you….

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