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Motivating Monday: Always a Reason

an attempted shot of the eclipse last night

Last week in a word? Dramatic. I hate drama. At the first sign of drama I want to run, and I hate to run! I’m smiling as I type this, but I am all sorts of serious. So many dear friends and family of ours are dealing with dramatic situations and although these things  don’t directly involve us, since they are so dear to us and they are the ones involved, we can’t help but be affected also.

Weeks like this past one have a tendency to weigh on me, but they are also great for realigning my perspective. Have you ever noticed how many broken people there are all around us? It seems like I’ve written on this very subject not long ago, but it’s so fresh on my mind I’m writing about it again. If ever I forget, I’m quickly reminded once more. And let’s get real, at times even you and I are those broken people!

Life is so hard. Sometimes it just sucks. Many times we are powerless to do anything but keep our own selves in check and although it seems small, this can be either what makes us or breaks us. I’ve found that instead of focusing on all those things that weigh on my heart, when I focus on all the good and great in my life there’s a major shift in my spirit. There’s a Book that talks about this, isn’t there? ;)

There’s always a reason to be thankful and find joy in life. Here are some of my reasons today:

1. I am blessed beyond belief by a gracious God.

2. I have a fabulous husband and we’re in love.

3. I am Mommy to a precious little boy who makes me laugh about 79 times a day.

4. I have the most giving family in the world and a lifetime of memories to cherish.

5. I have the opportunity to give what I’ve been given each day, no matter where I’m at or what I’m doing.

What are your reasons?


4 thoughts on “Motivating Monday: Always a Reason

  1. Such wisdom and so true! As you have said “sometimes WE ARE those broken people”. If we will use this time to learn through our experience of being broken, then we will be able to help others through their times of brokenness. God is such a WONDERFUL teacher if we will be still, listen and know that He is God.

    • Yes, Debbie! I try to always realize that every situation can not only be a learning experience for me, but also an encouraging experience for others.

  2. Shannon, again honey the wisdom that you have and continue to be such an inspiration to me as well as others. Like you said, this too will pass but it cannot be too soon for me. Papaw’s injuries have taken such a toll on me, that I only wish it could have been me instead. And for Aunt Betty, that breaks my heart. You are such a steward to God and we certainly know that Christian is “written all over you”. Love you guys, Mimi/Grandma

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