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Memories Wound Up in That Old Clock

This morning Judah and I spent some time at my mom’s house arranging things on a couple of bare walls in her dining room. We’ve been talking about what she should do with them and finally a few weeks ago decided to hang a clock of my dad’s with several other decorative items.

There’s a lifetime of memories wrapped up in that old clock, let me tell you. It is older than me three times over. It came from the original Santa Fe Railway Station in New Mexico and was passed down from my grandfather to my dad. I think this is where my love for old things began, especially things with history packed into them.

It has been a year since I last saw this clock hanging in my parents house in Alaska and seeing Mom unwrap it from the box at her new house here in Texas instantly brought back memories to my mind, but when she attached that little pendulum and it began it’s swinging, tick-tocking rhythm, a multitude of high definition memories flooded my mind.

I could see my dad opening up the glass door on the face of it, sticking the brass key in and winding it over and over and over again on a Saturday night, because that’s when he always wound it up. Like clockwork, without fail.

The tick-tock became such a part of our lives over time that we didn’t even hear it until someone would point it out and ask if that constant sound ever got on our nerves. It never bothered us. I love the sound, actually.

The sense of hearing is fantastic, really. I don’t know when I last thought about such a mundane little memory of my entire childhood and growing up years like the winding of an old clock, but these are the surprising memories that creep in when someone dear to you has gone on into eternity, where time is no more for them, but it keeps right on ticking for you. In fact, today we’re exactly three weeks shy of the 4 year anniversary of my Dad’s passing away. It feels like just yesterday and 97 years all at once; an oxymoron of the heart.

I’m so glad it’s there to see and hear every time I walk into my mom’s house once again. I love that old clock, but I love my memories more.


2 thoughts on “Memories Wound Up in That Old Clock

  1. Oh honey, another beautiful writing….yep, no matter what, no matter how Daddy was feeling, he would get up and wind the clock up every week! It’s become even more sentimental all of a sudden…..I love it too, even more now!

  2. We have a clock at my parents that belonged to my great grandparents that has one of those same keys and make the hour chime, when my great grandma passed away, it stopped working, we haven’t taken it to be repaired yet but just its presence brings back a million memories. Your post made me think of it and brought back a lot of great memories Shannon, thanks for sharing : )

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