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Pirate Party for a True Buccaneer

the whole pirate crew

Sometimes even my “simple” ideas turn into way more than I ever intend them to. This happens often to me, actually. When I started planning my son’s birthday party, I told myself to keep in mind that he’s only turning 2 and he will hardly remember any of my efforts to make his birthday special. Like most of my projects, this simple pirate party idea kind of snowballed into something more time-consuming, but also turned out to be quite a memorable celebration for Judah.

my watermelon pirate ship complete with burlap sails

I had a difficult time deciding what theme to go with because, like any 2-year-old boy, our son loves many different things: trains, cars, trucks, cycles of any kind, animals of all kinds, bugs, boats and the list goes on. The deciding factor was when I spotted a pin on Pinterest of a watermelon pirate ship filled with fruit; it was just too fantastic of an idea to pass up! So I built this party around that watermelon ship and hoped I could replicate it somewhat well. I think it turned out pretty nicely.

I made everything I could possibly make (invitations, the happy birthday banner, cupcake toppers, food labels, etc) and saved a lot of money by doing so. It is more time-consuming to do things yourself, but I was able to customize everything the way I wanted it. These ideas were a collaboration of ideas inspired by pins I found on Pinterest, the internet and my own ideas that came up here and there.

Captain Judah

I mentioned to our family members that Nathan and I and, of course, Judah would be dressing up as pirates if they wanted to join in on the fun. Never did I expect for almost all of them to dress up! I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm, but seriously, who wouldn’t want to go all out for this adorable boy?

The party was a blast to plan and to enjoy and although I was a bit nervous about having it at the park just in case I forgot something or didn’t plan well enough, it turned out perfectly and I had nothing to worry about. The weather was excellent (80° and slightly breezy) and all the playground equipment kept all of our busy little ones occupied.

We could not have had more fun celebrating Judah’s birthday with dear family and friends!

my handmade invitations…each invitation was slightly different than the others

buccaneer bounty

captain hook’s gangway grub

shark bait

jolly roger jello…another personal fav

blimey cannonballs

shiver me timbers punch…I originally planned on making an ice ring with gummy sharks swimming in a circle, but I never found gummy sharks

swashbucklin’ swords

gold doubloons

the spread



beware sign

Judah walking the plank

ready for cupcakes

he looked around and around as we sang “Happy Birthday” to him and Mommy forgot to buy a candle! :(

the captain’s fam

super excited

he left his hat on for about 7 seconds

contents of the party favors: toddler flashcards, bubbles and glow in the dark bracelets

party favors for the captain’s friends

*Note: I wasn’t too crazy about the idea of having skulls and crossbones at my 2-year-olds party, so this whole party was done without a single one and I still think it looks quite piratey, don’t you? :) It’s all in the details.


8 thoughts on “Pirate Party for a True Buccaneer

  1. You did an awesome job darlin! You really did go all out, and even though Judah probably won’t remember all this, you have pictures to prove it!! Good job Mommy, what a fantastic idea! It was a blast!

  2. Soo cute!! My daughter wants a pirate party for her 3rd birthday in a couple of weeks. I will definitely be stealing some of these cute ideas!!!

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