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Friday Favorites

I’m absolutely loving all the time I have with my son now that I’m staying home again! We’ve had a couple busy weeks that I didn’t anticipate, but during naps and after J’s bedtime I’ve managed to do some necessary deep-cleaning, complete a couple of projects, read/study/journal more and window-shop online, which are some teensy luxuries I haven’t had the time to enjoy as much while working. I’m also planning on blogging more often so we’ll see, but I’m pretty happy about that prospect, as well. Here are a few of my favorites this week!

5.Answered Prayers. God’s been teaching me a lot about prayer and it has changed me a lot, especially recently. He is so good.

4.Vintage Farm Tool Table and Burlap Chairs from Restoration Hardware. This is one of my online window-shopping steals…I’d love to serve a festive holiday meal around this beautiful set!

3.The Blessed Woman by our Pastor’s Wife, Debbie Morris. In the mommy group I’m a part of on Tuesdays, we’re discussing this book and it’s been such a blessing to all of our lives. Debbie conveys such a sweet spirit when she speaks and I’m even more impressed with her eloquent writing skills to minister to women of literally all ages and stages of life.

2.Gymboree Festive Fair Isle Christmas Outfit. Christmas can’t come soon enough in my book and I love this little toddler ensemble. Here’s to hoping it will be cool enough here in Texas for some layers this December 25th!

1.My boy. As I already mentioned above, I’m totally and completely thankful for all these amazing—and let’s get real…other not-so-amazing—moments with him. He makes life interesting and exhausting and fun. I love my family.


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