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A Different Kind of Christmas Tradition

As the Christmas season has so stealthily snuck upon us once again, I’ve found myself in a familiar and nostalgic place; I can’t help but think about past Christmases and fond memories, as well as I am considering future Christmases and memories we have yet to make as a family, especially as our son is so much more aware of everything Christmas this year!

If you’ve been following my blog, you know that we’ve begun a new tradition this year: the Elf on the Shelf and its been a blast so far! (Tomorrow’s post will be all about our first week with Jingle in our home, so be sure to check back on the fun!)

It’s hilarious to watch my two-year-old wandering around each morning saying “Olf, Olf, where are you?” in that sing-song voice of his and then see a huge grin spread across his face when he finally happens upon Jingle in whatever new predicament he’s gotten himself into.

That’s all fun and games and I love silly Christmas traditions (even Santa!), but when I think about what my son will look back on as a grown man, I want something far more outstanding to fill his mind with Christmas memories when he first thinks of this season. The questions is…what will that outstanding something be?

At the core, I want him to be able to reminisce about the ways he grew up in a loving and giving and serving family because of our faith in Jesus Christ. We have received the greatest gifts in the world—grace and mercy and redemption and life—and it should really be obvious, in the Christmas season and out. But what does that look like?

I’ve participated in different holiday charities and ministries over the years, including mailing shoeboxes of necessities, dropping off gifts for underprivileged children and serving Thanksgiving dinner to homeless people in downtown Fort Worth with my grandmother one year. And while that’s all been very meaningful to me, I can’t help but think that there’s a whole lot more to be doing that would be even more meaningful to people and I just don’t know exactly what.

So I’m on a quest to find a need that this little family of three can help fulfill this year. These kinds of traditions will outweigh all the others, both now and in the future. And really, the most meaningful “traditions” really are the ones we live day in and day out, aren’t they? Centered on Jesus. Loving God. Loving people.

I love, Love, LOVE Christmas. Celebrating THE reason of Life itself.


One thought on “A Different Kind of Christmas Tradition

  1. If you want to keep Christ involved, try giving hin only 3 GOOD presents to unwrap. Then add some smaller gifts into his stocking :) . If you want to just give him a Christmas to remember, try a scavenger hunt. After he opens all of his presents, tell him there is something in the

    tree still. Have it be the first of a
    few notes scattered around the house leading to his final, big present. Each note leads to the next until finally he finds the gift.

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