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A Week of Jingle, the Brophy Elf

This first week with Jingle in our home has been super fun! J is loving the search for him every morning and Daddy even got creative on days 5 and 7 when Mommy completely forgot about this little elf guy! (Sorry, Jingle.) Take a look at all the mischief he’s been into!

Day 1: Above the kitchen cabinets, in a silver pitcher (don’t judge me, I love the color of that tarnish!)

Day 2: Hanging out on the top of Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom canopy

Day 3: Upside down on a candlestick

Day 3

Day 3

Day 4: Making marshmallow stacks

Day 4: Judah “feeding” Jingle a morning snack of marshmallows :)

Day 5: Guess he wanted to bake some Christmas goodies (Daddy’s idea)

Day 6: Into all of Mommy’s Christmas wrapping and ribbon

Day 6

Day 7: Hanging where Christmas cards will hang when we start getting them in the mail (Daddy’s doing)

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