Sorry, Dad, More Laughs at Your Expense

IMG_2356Today was the last full day of my brother’s trip here from Alaska, so we decided to head down to Cowtown and the Historic Stockyards which are just north of downtown Fort Worth. It was just me, Mom, Brandon and Judah, and actually neither Mom nor Brandon had ever been there, so I enjoyed playing tour guide for the both of them! It was a beautiful, sunny, 80°  (!) December day walking the brick streets, seeing cowboys and cowgirls on their horses trotting all over, petting a horse and our hands-down most exciting part of the day: riding a longhorn! Technically, I suppose it was just sitting on him for a photo op, but that’s riding to me. ;) A memory to last a lifetime!

As much as I loved our afternoon, I think my favorite part of the day happened on the way to Cowtown in the car. We were talking about Judah’s new little stuffed animal, an adorable little wolf that howls when his belly is squeezed. Nathan and Brandon made a trip to Bass Pro Shops yesterday and Nathan bought the wolf for Judah.

That got us talking about Daddy and all the words he used to mis-pronounce. My dad was a math and science whiz, but when it came to spelling and correct pronunciation of certain words, he’d have us all chuckling to ourselves, especially Mom and I because English is our strong suit. It wasn’t a grammar thing with him at all, it was just specific words said wrong.

So here’s a list of a few of those words. Keep in mind, though, I’m not even sure how to “spell” some of these mispronunciations, so you may have to sound them out:

Wolf = Woof…as in “Woof, woof!” went the dog. Except it was a Woof…that howled.

Wash/er = Warsh/er…”Don’t forget to warsh your hands before you come to the table!” It’s a Southern thing, I know. But still…

Venezuela = Venzuela…this is simply an omission of the second “e” and a change in the syllable that’s stressed, but it sure sounds funny when you say it aloud. Come on, try it.

Fajitas = Frajitas…I’m not sure where that extra letter came from, but it was always present in his vocabulary.

So sorry, Dad, but not only did we have another laugh at your expense in the car today, I’m now sending it out into the virtual world for some possible comic relief. :)

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