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Happy Birthday, Daddy


As I glanced out my windows this Good Friday morning, the overcast sky mirrored my pensive, somewhat heavy heart. In addition to this day marking the remembrance of what many of us consider the most important events in history (the crucifixion and subsequent resurrection of Jesus Christ) it also marks what would be my dad’s 64th birthday. I will miss him every day of my life until I see him again.

Today I’m overwhelmed by the love of God, and yet it’s so much greater than what I can understand. I look at my child and I’m in awe of the Lord giving His Son as a sacrifice for my sins; I really don’t comprehend that kind of love fully.

My prayer is that my life becomes continuously more marked by love and that it points others to our Creator. Isn’t that what this walk is all about? It’s certainly what His walk was all about here on earth, wasn’t it?

If you knew my dad, you know that he was a little rough around the edges, and he definitely wasn’t a perfect Christian. But during the last couple years of his life, I saw incredible changes take place in him, changes that only a loving Heavenly Father could have done. Those two years stand as more of a testament to me than all the other moments of my life combined when my dad (and mom, of course) instilled Godly values into me because I saw firsthand what the power of God is all about. I’m so grateful for the foundation my parents set up for me and I’m completely humbled by the debt I can never repay to my Savior, especially today.

As much as I look forward to seeing my dad again, I can’t imagine how much more glorious it will be to see Jesus face to face.

What hope we have beyond our greatest imaginings!


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