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Dilapidated Fence: Repurposed Headboard

IMG_6525As the creative soul that I am, sometimes I have these ideas in my head that I can’t really explain, I just have to go with it and show my finished products to people for them to really grasp what I was so excited about to begin with! My husband of over 4 years knows exactly how this goes, but in the midst of my unusual projects, he often looks at me several times like “What in the world are you thinking, Babe???” Aaaannndddd sometimes he asks me just that, like when he was loading up these old, faded, dilapidated fence panels for me the other day. Now I just tell him, “Honey, you’ll see.”

I had a similar conversation with a lady at an antique shop the other day as well. She asked what I look for when I frequent places like hers (I’m assuming partially because I imagine I don’t fall into her typical demographic) and I stood there stammering, because I really don’t know a lot of the time! I ended up telling her that I just explore and when something strikes a chord in me, I’m inspired. It’s often on-the-spot like that, so I can’t really explain that, either. I love, love, love conversations with people of shops such as this one (and there are a TON around here)! They are usually really interesting people and they’ve often seen a lot in their lifetimes.

I’ve been on the lookout for interesting materials to use for a headboard in our master bedroom, and I’ve been mulling over ideas in my head for months now. I’ve come really close to just buying a regular headboard, but none of them were really in my vision for our room, even if I had refinished and distressed them. I follow a few pages on Facebook where people buy and sell, you probably know the kind of page I’m talking about. I happened to spot some old fence panels a lady had posted the other day and I knew immediately that I wanted them for a headboard.

So for the price of gas to drive out to Grapevine Lake, the time we spent going there, and mere pocket change, my husband loaded up 5 panels of old wood fencing for me to use for yet another crazy idea. Our headboard is just 3 panels of the fence, so I still have two more panels to use however I like. I’m thinking I may break them down (AKA have hubby break them down) and use them for signs and other ideas floating around this head of mine. I need to add a little bracing behind the panels and I intended on staining or possibly whitewashing and distressing them, but I think I’m going to leave them exactly as they are. I love the raw, naturally worn look so why mess with it?

I know this type of decor is not everyone’s style, but it SO my style and it feels even more like home to me. I love making our place a home, decorating and being creative for the most important people in my life. I really enjoy repurposing old things into new ideas. It’s just plain fun!

And about Nathan, he loves my artistic self. The headboard…it will grow on him. He said “It’s different. I like it. I don’t really care about the headboard as long as you are next to me.” Awwww. A picture of my life. If I’m happy, he’s happy. :)


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