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The Power That Fights For You

Life has been crazy busy lately, of which I am thankful, because it means celebrations, get-togethers and fun. Although Judah isn’t in school yet, it actually feels like a Summer break for us in some ways because we kept a pretty busy schedule this Spring and recently we’ve been PLAYING a lot! I do enjoy structure, however, so I’m {planning} to implement a little more back into our daily routines in the coming weeks for the sake of:

1. keeping Judah on track with the educational things we’ve been working on

2. my own personal sanity

3. my husband’s sanity, as any carefree chaos in my schedule tends to roll over and affect things like…organization in the home, for instance. HA!

Thank God, my hubby’s a type A personality with a little more “give” than most. And with that structure I mentioned, I plan to be more diligent writing here on my blog. Since I’ve been working on my book the last few months, the blog has suffered a bit, but I intend to post more often. We’ll see.

Tonight as I sat down to read my Bible, I went to Exodus 14 and re-read a couple of the most read pages in my own Bible: the account of the Israelites defeating Pharaoh’s Egyptian army by the Lord’s hand. This passage has been one of the most meaningful to me in some of the hardest days of my life. I opened up this chapter because someone special to us called to ask for prayer about a situation in their life that is staring them down like a hungry lion, ready to pounce. My mind immediately went to this portion of Scripture.

chariotIt’s such a picture of God’s strength and power for those who place their trust in him. I can’t even imagine being one of those Israelites who, finally free from Egypt and the Pharaoh, looked back to see…an army of  chariots driven by trained military officers on their tails! What a surreal moment to take in. The writer says that the angel of God stood between the armies of Egypt and Israel. The odds were against them, they were at major disadvantages on all fronts. Israel was not prepared for battle. They were on foot and the adversary had horses and chariots. We don’t know for sure, but it’s likely they carried very few, if any, weapons. Their intention was to head out of Dodge and never return, we can venture to guess they were travelling pretty lightly with very little fight left in them, considering the journey they were on.

And yet, the story resolves as Moses stretches out his staff and God parts the Red Sea, allowing the Israelites to walk across to the other side on dry ground. And just as the Israelites are safe, the waters flow back to destroy the entire Egyptian army. THAT is a miracle. THAT is the God we serve today. THAT is the power which fights for you.

Do not be afraid. Stand firm and you will see the deliverance the Lord will bring you today. Exodus 14:13

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