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Toddler Leashing



Lately, parenthood has been quite…interesting. In less than six weeks, our little 2-year-old will turn into a big 3-year-old. Life has been {more} dramatic, {more} unpredictable and anything but boring!

Today, I ran more than usual and I don’t mean for fitness or fun. Hubby and I literally had to chase our child numerous times because his new favorite thing is to make sudden mad dashes down the hallway at church, in the store and various other places. This is why we cannot, even for a second, let go of his hand in a parking lot or crowded area.

don't they look so happy to be safely harnessed to their parents? ha

don’t they look so happy to be safely harnessed to their parents? ha

So I’m planning on getting a child leash of some sort. You know the kind I’m talking about, the kind you’ve probably gasped about behind some poor parent’s back, the kind that has an animal backpack the kid wears so he/she can be kind of “tricked” into the harness-like contraption.

Well, I used to be one of those people, the kind who thought parents must me crazy to leash their children up like dogs, but that was before I was a parent. Now I get it! I had to run after him in heels today, skirt flying in the wind and Lord knows who saw what.

This is all about safety and sanity, people. Go ahead and judge, but the next time we’re at the museum or the carnival and you see me holding the handle of my child’s leash, well, just remind yourself, the alternative might not be so pretty!

This is the low-down on nitty-gritty motherhood when a wildly energetic little boy is in the picture. Have one for yourself, and see what lengths you go to. Ha!

I still wouldn’t trade it for the world (leash and all).

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4 thoughts on “Toddler Leashing

  1. We have seriously considered this as well, Shannon! Skip Hop makes some really cute ones that are animals. I know Babies R Us has the monkey at least, as I have had it in my cart multiple times :) We are considering Disney as our family vacation this year and you can bet I will have one if we go!

  2. I’ve never used one, but I totally get it. Especially if you’re going to be walking around a crowded place for awhile. I’m sure the kids would prefer it too. If i were a kid, I’d much rather have freedom of movement in my arms to touch and pick up things as I please instead of having one of my arms held high in the air by mom or dad for an extended amount of time. I say do it :)

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