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Prelude: The Cantaloupe Crate

antique wash basin great find of the weekend!
antique wash basin stand…my great find of the weekend!

So, what have I been up to lately? Well, since you asked…

I’m starting a business! Yep, it’s true. I’ve always loved antiques (probably thanks to my parents who’ve collected pieces here and there as long as I can remember, as well as my grandparents) and vintage stuff, so when we moved back to Texas a little over two years ago, perusing the copious number of antique shops, antique malls and estate sales for pure enjoyment became a weekly occurrence for my little man and I, and sometimes our big man, on the weekends.

I’ve been on a couple of waiting lists almost that entire time, and last week two antique malls called me within a day of each other to ask if I was still interested in renting a space! Ummmm yes, please! I headed right over to look at the available spaces and the next day put my deposit down, which was last Friday. So this has all happened really fast and I’m super excited! I obviously knew I was on those lists, but it’s been so long I was halfway wondering if I’d been skipped over.

The space I opted for is a 70 square foot area, which is one of the smaller ones at the mall I decided to go with, but that’s actually a really good-sized space compared to what is found at many other malls. When I first decided on the area, I was just hoping to be able to fill it up, but now that I’m gathering items together for my launch, I think “filling” my shop will be no problem, even at the beginning.

So are you wondering what name I’ve chosen??? After much deliberation and brainstorming with the hubby and my mom…I’ve decided on

The Cantaloupe Crate! 

We really worked on several name ideas, but I kept coming back to this one because I just like the way it rolls off the tongue…and a cantaloupe crate was the first thing I purchased specifically for this new venture! Fitting, I’d say. :) Funny, the things that inspire us, huh? I LOVE that old crate!

a few items I gathered over the weekend...don't you just love that handcrank sifter???
a few items I gathered over the weekend…don’t you just love that handcrank sifter???

The Cantaloupe Crate is an eclectic combination of antiques, vintage finds, upcycled and refinished treasures from eras past and custom wall hangings. Some specific things I already have are: antique wash basin stand, chunky upcycled frames that I’ve painted and distressed and/or antiqued, vintage Singer sewing machine, cute little tables, vintage kitchen tools and utensils, antique books, an old window, lace, some suitcases, etc. This is what I’m really searching for: linens, vintage typewriters and cameras, vintage sewing tools and supplies, anything else that strikes my fancy. ;)

That wash basin stand I mentioned above was something I bought on a whim. Saturday morning, we made a family road trip out to the country in the middle of nowhere, Texas to an estate/farm sale. I hit the jackpot on items there, then we visited two other sales on the way home. The last thing I bought that day was the stand. The guy was practically giving it away and, like a true 20-something, I Googled it when I got home. Wellllll, turns out that antique thing is worth nearly $300! Needless to say, I won’t be “upcycling” that piece like I had originally intended. It’s in pretty good shape and all I need to do is replace the mirror and find a wash basin and bowl for it. Aaahhh I love this!

If you love antiques and vintage stuff, go like my Facebook page (link above)! I’ll be posting pics of my latest finds and of course, keeping you updated on my launch. It’s just around the corner, after all.

This business is like the best of both worlds for me: a dash of treasure hunting, a cup of history and a sprinkle of creativity…this could be a recipe for success in my world.

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