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Custom Sign and Branding


So here’s my sign that I started on this past weekend for my space at the antique mall! Click here to see how I did the whitewashed background. I was happy to finish all the wording during my son’s nap this afternoon. I never know how long I have to actually accomplish something because he’s not much for rest. Ha (No, really…)

The wall this sign will be mounted on is a kind of Robin’s Egg Blue, so I think it will come together very well. This coming Sunday is supposed to be our “move-in” date for my space, but it will technically be our painting day.

Another project I did over the weekend was to design my tags, which share the same fonts and basic layout as the sign above, with the added detail of the stamp watermark behind.


I’m pretty happy with the way things are coming together with the prep work for opening my space. I’m thinking we’ll be able to open next Friday, September 6th instead of the 13th as originally planned. We’ll see!

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