Bible / Family / Marriage / Motherhood

What matters most?

Rumbles of thunder, the pounding of raindrops, little feet snuggling so close they’re almost under my legs…this is how I woke from a too-short sleep this morning. Aroma of fresh espresso drifting back to our bedroom tells me my husband’s awake and ready to greet me with a sweet kiss, arms wrapped tight. I’m loved, cherished. The little one looks as awake as we do…just barely…and his curiosity draws him close to the living room windows as lightning flashes against a gloomy morning sky. Little pajama-clad body retreats to the couch, wrapping up beneath a warm soft blanket. Perfect vantage point to see the storm.


I have just a few goals today.

Hear the voice of my Creator. Teach that little heart how to hear Him, too, in the day after day mundane moments that actually mean much more. Study the Words that bring life to mine. Let my heart draw close.

Recognize and revel in the blessings of this day. The sound of my hubby’s voice as he offers up one last “I love you!” before he’s out the door for the work he does so tirelessly. The feel of my son’s soft arms as he throws himself around my middle for the 89th time today, nearly knocking me over with his rough-and-tumble way. The home that we have built, that we will continue to build every day of our lives, the sanctuary of our souls.

Simple days, they’re what I’m changing here and there from all the busy, non-stop, get there fast so we can hurry to the next spot kind of day.

This life is a never-ending journey of answering this question: “What matters most?” And committing to just that.


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