Marriage / Memories

6 Years Ago Today

ringThe Saturday had been long, my hands full of hair and my head full of thoughts at the salon. Bright sunshine and silence kept me company as I drove. I walked up cedar steps to the front door of that little log house, knocked and waited. And waited. Rolling my eyes, I knocked again, louder. Nothing.

I knew Nathan was home because he was supposed to be cooking me dinner, so I dug for keys just thrown to the bottom of my too big purse and unlocked the door. To my surprise, I walked into a dark house; unusual for this time of day when the sun was usually blinding me through huge windows. Eyes slowly adjusting, I realized the house was not simply dark, it was candle-lit and a trail of red rose petals at my toes beckoned me to follow them.

“Ummm, where are you?” I called out to my boyfriend. A thousand swirling hopes and the corners of my mouth turning up in a knowing smile, my feet followed the velvet petals to the first of several handwritten notes. The third one, a simple command to “Press Play!” on the remote beside it, filled the house with the sound of our three favorite love songs. Continuing on the trail with a pulse now in double time, the remaining notes drew me closer and closer to candles flickering on the dining room table.

Finishing the last one, Nathan emerged from his hiding place in the hallway and dropped to one knee, seizing my left hand as it shook uncontrollably.

Tears. Words of love, words of life. Words of forever. Happy blubbering! Both of us.

“Will you marry me?” A diamond ring, a blur. Mind whirling.

We hopped in the car to my house, giddy to talk to my parents! It was Nathan’s second trip to their house that day. He’d asked my parents for their blessing to take me as his wife and they had gladly given it, along with the tears of parents who had already given so much, taught so much and prayed so much for their child.

No idea…just one month and one day after Nathan’s proposal, my dad would fly from this life into eternity. Few men would be able to endure the depths of grief that I travelled through during our engagement, and then as a newlywed, but he is a treasure and we’re stronger together for it.

One of the best decisions of my life, saying “Yes!” that evening. A more selfless, honoring, loving leader of our home I cannot imagine.

My heart still leaps and I’ll answer “Yes” every day.

Thank you, Lord.

Oh, and the handwritten love notes continue.




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