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Real Estate Wars in TX

Monday came too quickly this week, don’t you think? Sometimes the most easy-going, laid back days with my family are the best. No agenda, nothing major to check off the never ending to-do lists, not a plan in the world, if only for 50 short hours. All the planning, the events, places to be and people to see, I love it all! I do.

The last couple of weeks, we were officially hazed into the notorious Texas Real Estate Market. Y’all, I can’t even. It’s going to be “a little competitive”, our realtor said. “It’ll be an adventure!” we quipped positively back.

Weeeeeellll, yes. Yes, it was an adventure. We scheduled showings for homes that weren’t even technically on the market yet, and before our 5 o’clock appointments arrived, some homes were already under contract. Over and over again. When we finally found a great house we thought was a great fit for our family that was not under contract yet, multiple offers were laid on the table (all over list price) and we eventually lost that bidding war.

So this past Friday night, after being on pins and needles waiting to hear back about the second house we made an offer on (also multiple offers over asking price on the day it went on the market), we got the answer we’d been hoping for! The sellers went for our bid. Hallelujah! It’s a great 2-story home very near to where we are now (also very close to my mother/babysitter…yay!), it has has pretty much everything we were hoping for, just asking for some DIY projects to be done to it to really make it wonderful and our style, so you know what my plans will be for the weeks leading up to the holiday season!

I know losing one bidding war seems like nothing to a lot of y’all who have played the house game here in the lone star state and lost many bids, but I am SOOO thankful that we can get on with the process.

Now, home inspection, termite inspection, the finishing of our underwriting and closing at the beginning of November. Whew! What a way to anticipate the holidays! Praying it goes smoothly from here on out!


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