The Family

love my little fam

love my little fam

My husband, Nathan, and I married December 13, 2008. Our gorgeous baby boy, Judah, was born September 13, 2010.  He is our wild and energetic boy and such a joy to our family.  Every day he’s changing, learning new things and entertaining us with his funny personality.  It’s hard to believe how fast each day passes.

In July of 2011, we sold our little log house and moved our family from a tiny Alaskan town to the giant Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex! It’s been quite a change and we are so thankful for God’s provision and guidance in our lives; this was but a dream in our hearts for a long time and now we are living it.

Some of our favorite things are warm weather, beaches, exploring new places, going to museums and art exhibits, reading, writing, playing games and cards, music, cooking and just being together!  We consider ourselves “old souls” and enjoy our simple, lovely life!

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