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Baby’s 2nd Christmas: Decorating the Tree

Decorating the Christmas tree with a 1-year-old busy little boy is an experience! There’s lots of laughter, applause and UNdecorating that goes on, but in the end, we made out with a festive tree and more special memories to reminisce about as the years go by. Way. Too. Quickly.

I can’t believe this is already Judah’s 2nd Christmas! This holiday season has already been a blast because he is so responsive and interested in everything; the lights, the sparkly ribbon and ornaments, the texture and color and all the excitement going on.

The best thing about making the Christmas season special for our baby seeing the delight in his eyes as he sees a brand new world unfolding all around him. I hope to make every Christmas the most magical time of year for Judah with festivities, music, special traditions and instilling in him the wonder of how another little Boy came into this world and is the reason for it all.

Merry Christmas decorating!

the boys doing what they do best…putting stuff together

this photo says more than I can say about a daddy and his son

playing patiently with pinecones before decorating

climbing up daddy

haven’t even started decorating and he’s taking ornaments apart

baby and mommy loving Christmas

he was UNdecorating as fast as we were decorating, so I decided to hold him for awhile

our little scientist

“Nicely done, folks!”

I’m very happy with my French-vintage theme: burlap, glittery ribbon, sparkly ornaments, shiny balls filled with French-patterned paper, pearls, etc

Christmas lights look amazing in black and white!

the more the merrier at our place…come on over!


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